A Body language training in nature with Endress and Hauser

In the middle of the heat wave, the top managers of Endress and Hauser came to Chamonix for a week to address leadership development topics. I had the privilege to work as an executive coach and a nonverbal communication expert within this amazing program.

Leadership presence, your nonverbal appearance is a blending of personal and interpersonal skills that when combined, send all the right signals, and make you STAND OUT as a leader (Goman, 2022).

You show it when you walk into a room, when you show up at a meeting, when you present, and when you listen. It affects how you make others feel, and how effectively you communicate with the people around you.

Leadership presence is not:

1. An attribute that is automatically assigned to you because of your title or business results.

2. It is not necessarily reflective of your true leadership qualities or potential. For example, you may be highly credible but that doesn’t necessarily guarantee that people perceive you as such. Especially if you have communication habits that make you seem less credible than you are.

Instead, Presence depends entirely on how other people evaluate you. It’s what they say about you after you’ve left the room. Knowing how to influence people’s perception of you requires a deep understanding of the impact of your appearance, your body language, your emotional state, and your communication style.

The leaders of Endress and Hauser got an insight in their leadership presence. It was an honour to work with such inspiring people!

Body language information film

It is the time of the year again where colleges provide online and offline information to recruit new students.How do you actually do that in a virtual interaction? How do you prepare your presentation? Which setup is most effective? How do you create a warm and confident impression? And what is the best way to convey information?

Together with Mario Paiano I made an information film for Fontys Hogescholen in which both the technical setup and the most effective body language for virtual communication are discussed. The height of your camera, your clothes, your hand signals, your light and your camera choice. We address it all!
After recording 19 short videos, the result is fantastic! Thank you Mario for the great collaboration.

International Prezi webinar

It was amazing to share my knowledge and experience in this Prezi event! People from all over the world attended which was nerve wrecking and exciting at the same time! Why did Prezi ask me to participate in their webinar series?

Well, an incredible amount of studies shows that hybrid working is here to stay. The question is not: am I going to embrace this way of working, but: which changes do I need to make to optimise my online presence and guarantee the impact of my message?

One of these changes is attention to your nonverbal cues as they come less natural to us in online interactions than in face to face conversations. 

In this event we looked at the different nonverbal signals that create a strong presence in all your virtual meetings.

Some reactions of the people who were there…

Thank you Naba Ahmed for the invitation and all your help. Thank you Prezi for your great product!

Dear Ms. Toussaint, I participated to your webinar about online presentations last week. I learnt so many different things. I’d like to thank you very much for this valuable webinar one more time. Have a great day.
Best regards, S. Gök

Attended your presentation last week and found it refreshingly useful, pragmatic and helpful at a time when so much info seems to be getting thrown at folks. Thank you so very much.
D. Adelberg

Dear Ted, I just watched your prezi-clip about the power of non-verbal communication and loved it!
A. Momber

Great online leadership sessions with Eurapco!

The enthusiasm of the Eurapco participants in the 2 body language training sessions was contagious! The more awkward the exercise, the more fun we had! Trying out new hand gestures amidst all your dear colleagues, counting the words in your voice recording to determine your optimal talking speed or just looking at others to describe their nonverbal presence. The nonverbal successes were countless and so valuable for their future online interactions.

A huge thanks to United Talent BV for making this possible. To Eurapco for their trust. To Prezi for creating great presentations with me and to Sylvia van Eeden for the fun time we had preparing these masterclasses!
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Happy Hormones!

The managing directors of Pharma Partners had some burning questions: how do I enhance the engagement of my interaction partners during virtual meetings? How do I keep them emotionally involved and have fun together?

The answer: Happy Hormones!
You need to use enough and the right verbal AND nonverbal signals that trigger the release of neurotransmitters that create a sense of pleasure (dopamine), connection (oxytocin) and beloning (serotonin). When people connect to you and understand you, they like to be with you and pay attention to you.

In two sessions we covered and practiced essential body language signals to release these hormones from the moment the camera is turned on to the very end of a virtual meeting.

It was very exiting and fun to work with all these inspiring people. Their engagement and enthusiasm was contagious. The photo shows how much these sessions improved their online presence.

Wishing them all the best while practising these important professional interaction skills. 

A big thanks to United Talent for organising these sessions and to Prezi for letting me use their great products!

A Masterclass for Prezi

Recently, I worked together with the Prezi team to collaborate on a fantastic presentation regarding online body language. It was great to work with them and to engage with all their employees. Lorraine moderated the session in a very professional and engaging manner. Below are her lovely words after the presentation. Thanks Lorraine!

Beyond Expression body language training Prezi

I had the pleasure of organizing (and moderating) a masterclass with Ted for Prezi employees. Ted was an amazing guest speaker, and is truly an expert in the field of body language and nonverbal communications. The success of the event was evident in the rave reviews she received after the event, as well as the level of engagement and questions that were asked during the event itself. As one attendee aptly put it: 

“This talk should be mandatory viewing for anyone who ever presents through Zoom. (Ie: All of us!)”

Beyond the presentation itself, it was easy to coordinate with Ted over email and video and to exchange ideas with each other for how to make the presentation as engaging as possible for attendees. She was a joy to work with, and we already want to bring her back for an external-facing webinar for our audience.’
Lorraine K. Lee

Body language & fundraising

Recently Zoe Strong and I conducted a masterclass which provided fundraisers with tools to fundraise during a crisis. We shared knowledge and skills about using the best strategies in the planning, execution and follow up phase for effective fundraising meetings. A key element of these meetings is using the right body language to create strong online connections and support a fundraisers credibility. What a great audience! Thank you for your attention!

“I thoroughly enjoyed the webinar and in particular the piece on non-verbal communications and body language during a zoom call. I found this fascinating and super useful. The discussions and content was very good”.

beyond expression body language training, nonverbal communication

“Dear Ted and Zoe, Just a quick email to say thank you so much for the very useful session this morning. I am used to Trusts & Foundations research but not so much to Corporate research, so the Planning session at the beginning has been extremely useful for me. Regarding the body language, I am now aware that I have being doing lots of things wrong in past meetings, but I am relieved that with all the information from Ted I can really improve my communications skills from now on”.


It is 2:30 am. The middle of the night. The lights are on and my sleepy hair in shape. My dog is wondering what all the fuss is about.


Our communications training about how to TALK, SPEAK and APPEAR great on video calls is attended by an international audience from Sydney to Shanghai and San Fransisco to New York.

And I am right in the middle so it is early for me! It was a privilege to work with all these enthusiastic and ambitious professionals.

Thank you Jessica Chen and Wendy Leborgne for our collaboration and inspiration on this great topic! Thank you Prezi for creating beautiful slides for us!

Leadership communications on video calls – Training

Beyond excited to share a fantastic communications partnership!
I’m joining forces with two other communications experts to teach you how you can become the best virtual communicator at work. Learn how to SOUND, TALK an APPEAR better in all your online meetings!

1 Training – 2 Hours – 3 Experts

Jessica Chen – Soulcast Media communications and Emmy Award winning reporter
Wendy LeBorgne – Voice pathologist
Ted Toussaint – Body Language expert and Behavioral Scientist

Join us here!

This is what I will talk about in this exclusive training!

Digital Nomads and their online body language

In collaboration with  Suzanne Koolen of Meetings in the Sun, we organized an interesting Q&A for entrepreneurs who love to combine their work with their passion for travel: the Digital Nomads!

A lot of interesting questions, examples and inspiration to make strong connections with others in online interactions by using warm and competent body language.

In autumn we provide another training where you become aware of your own nonverbal signals and will learn to read the signals of others. Lovely to meet you there!