A Masterclass for Prezi

Recently, I worked together with the Prezi team to collaborate on a fantastic presentation regarding online body language. It was great to work with them and to engage with all their employees. Lorraine moderated the session in a very professional and engaging manner. Below are her lovely words after the presentation. Thanks Lorraine!

Beyond Expression body language training Prezi

I had the pleasure of organizing (and moderating) a masterclass with Ted for Prezi employees. Ted was an amazing guest speaker, and is truly an expert in the field of body language and nonverbal communications. The success of the event was evident in the rave reviews she received after the event, as well as the level of engagement and questions that were asked during the event itself. As one attendee aptly put it: 

“This talk should be mandatory viewing for anyone who ever presents through Zoom. (Ie: All of us!)”

Beyond the presentation itself, it was easy to coordinate with Ted over email and video and to exchange ideas with each other for how to make the presentation as engaging as possible for attendees. She was a joy to work with, and we already want to bring her back for an external-facing webinar for our audience.’
Lorraine K. Lee

Body language & fundraising

Recently Zoe Strong and I conducted a masterclass which provided fundraisers with tools to fundraise during a crisis. We shared knowledge and skills about using the best strategies in the planning, execution and follow up phase for effective fundraising meetings. A key element of these meetings is using the right body language to create strong online connections and support a fundraisers credibility. What a great audience! Thank you for your attention!

“I thoroughly enjoyed the webinar and in particular the piece on non-verbal communications and body language during a zoom call. I found this fascinating and super useful. The discussions and content was very good”.

beyond expression body language training, nonverbal communication

“Dear Ted and Zoe, Just a quick email to say thank you so much for the very useful session this morning. I am used to Trusts & Foundations research but not so much to Corporate research, so the Planning session at the beginning has been extremely useful for me. Regarding the body language, I am now aware that I have being doing lots of things wrong in past meetings, but I am relieved that with all the information from Ted I can really improve my communications skills from now on”.


It is 2:30 am. The middle of the night. The lights are on and my sleepy hair in shape. My dog is wondering what all the fuss is about.


Our communications training about how to TALK, SPEAK and APPEAR great on video calls is attended by an international audience from Sydney to Shanghai and San Fransisco to New York.

And I am right in the middle so it is early for me! It was a privilege to work with all these enthusiastic and ambitious professionals.

Thank you Jessica Chen and Wendy Leborgne for our collaboration and inspiration on this great topic! Thank you Prezi for creating beautiful slides for us!

Leadership communications on video calls – Training

Beyond excited to share a fantastic communications partnership!
I’m joining forces with two other communications experts to teach you how you can become the best virtual communicator at work. Learn how to SOUND, TALK an APPEAR better in all your online meetings!

1 Training – 2 Hours – 3 Experts

Jessica Chen – Soulcast Media communications and Emmy Award winning reporter
Wendy LeBorgne – Voice pathologist
Ted Toussaint – Body Language expert and Behavioral Scientist

Join us here!

This is what I will talk about in this exclusive training!

Digital Nomads and their online body language

In collaboration with  Suzanne Koolen of Meetings in the Sun, we organized an interesting Q&A for entrepreneurs who love to combine their work with their passion for travel: the Digital Nomads!

A lot of interesting questions, examples and inspiration to make strong connections with others in online interactions by using warm and competent body language.

In autumn we provide another training where you become aware of your own nonverbal signals and will learn to read the signals of others. Lovely to meet you there!


Leadership communications on video calls – exclusive Training

Beyond Expression, Body Language training, nonverbal communication

Beyond excited to share a fantastic communications partnership!
I’m joining forces with two other communications experts to teach you how you can become the best virtual communicator at work.

1 Training – 2 Hours – 3 Experts

Jessica Chen – Executive Presence & Communications Expert
Dr. Wendy LeBorgne, Ph.D. CCC-SLP – Voice Pathologist
Ted Toussaint – Behavioral Scientist and Body Language Expert

Each of us will be bringing our area of expertise in this 1 training. Yes – it’s live and you will be working with the 3 of us!

This training is happening only on ONE day in May. If you’re interested in finally leveling up your virtual communications skills, this event is made for you.

Register here for Early Bird prices

Socks? Yes Socks!!

Lots of colorful socks! The Body Language Masterclass for the Ministry of Infrastructure (Rijkswaterstaat) was full of wiggling toes in colorful socks. A great metaphor for walking towards new insights and perspectives. Learning how to decode body language signals was part of this great day and left them with skills to immensely increase their online presence.

We talked about your first impression on video calls, how to keep others engaged while you talk and how you show nonverbally that you are listening with interest. Thank you for the invitation and your enthusiasm!

ministry of

Leadership presence in a virtual world

Beyond-Expression, Lichaamstaal training, non-verbale communicatie
Beyond Expression, Body Language training, nonverbal communication,l leadership in virtual world

In collaboration with United Talent, I provided an inspiration session on ‘Virtual Body Language’ for the Total Specific Solutions Academy.

More than 100 leaders of organizations across Europe joined us to share insights about how to be a leader in a virtual world, engage & motivate in a digital environment and connect digitally with employees and customers.

It is great to help people become more aware and confident in their virtual leadership presence. Thank you United Talent for your inspiration and this fantastic opportunity!

Executive presence on video calls

Executive presence on video calls

Recently, I was a guest at the Soulcast Media LinkedIn – LIVE event where I chatted with Jessica Chen, about virtual presence on video calls. What do you do to elevate your presence in a small screen? Which body language signals make you trustworthy, credible and likable from the moment the camera is turned on? What do you do with your hands, your head and body?

Your nonverbal signals are extremely important as they show your intentions and emotions. And if they are not congruent with your words, our brain gets confused and believes what it sees. Not what it hears! Do you know what signals you send out in your online interactions?

The hour flew by with great questions from an enthusiastic audience that joined from all over the world! Have a look here at the interview or read the summary. Thank you Jessica for the inspiration. It was so nice to share this with you!

Online Job interviews

Jezelf online presenteren. En dan ook nog in een high stake interview. Je reptielen brein wil vluchten en laat opeens al je nerveuze trekjes naar voren komen die je tot overmaat van ramp ook nog eens zelf op het scherm terug ziet. Met nog meer onzekerheid tot gevolg.
De cliënten van Centaurus loopbaan advies wilden dit proces voorkomen om een goede start te maken met hun nieuwe loopbaan. Na een intensieve training laten ze nu non-verbale signalen zien die hen laten excelleren in online sollicitatiegesprekken. Hun reptielen brein krijgt geen kans meer om de hele zaak te saboteren! Dankbaar dat ik mocht helpen in deze belangrijke fase van hun leven.

See below for English translation!

Upcoming events:

Training Rijkswaterstaat:                        
Online presenteren voor workshopleiders

Masterclass Fontys Fit:                           
Minder Zoom fatigue door slimme lichaamstaal

Masterclass Fontys Sporthogeschool:    
Rapport building in online beweeginterventies

Masterclass Rijkswaterstaat:                  
Een krachtig online voorkomen; je bent meer dan alleen je scherm

Body Language – Nonverbal Intelligence
16 en 17 juni: 2-daagse open training in lichaamstaal. Voor enthousiaste en nieuwsgierige professionals die hun eigen lichaamstaal willen finetunen en die van anderen willen leren lezen. Essentiële vaardigheden in je professionele en sociale leven!
Nieuwsgierig? https://beyondexpression.eu/nonverbal-intelligence/

Online Job Interviews

Presenting yourself online is hard work. Especially in high-stake interviews. Your reptilian brain suddenly brings out all your nervous traits and seeing your uncomfortable self appear on the screen, only makes matters worse. You get even more insecure.

Centaurus career advice clients wanted to avoid this process in order to kick start their new career. After intensive training, they now show non-verbal signals that make them excel in online job interviews. Their reptilian brain will no longer have a chance to sabotage their presence! Grateful to be able to help in this important phase of their lives.

Upcoming events:

Training Rijkswaterstaat:
Online presenting for workshop leaders

Masterclass Fontys Fit:                           
Decrease zoom fatigue by using clever body language

Masterclass Fontys School of Sport Studies    
Rapport building in online sport interventions

Masterclass Rijkswaterstaat:                   
Powerful online presence: you can be more than just a screen

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