Welcome to Beyond Expression!

Body language signals are subtle.
But the message they send is loud and clear.
We go beyond your verbal expression and show you the powerful impact of your nonverbal signals.

Beyond Expression specializes in nonverbal communication and human behavior
and helps ambitious and curious professionals to fine-tune their own nonverbal expressions and decode those of others accurately.

It makes you more successful, charismatic, authentic and confident in your social and professional life.

Learn to see what others don’t say

Most popular services

Nonverbal impact on video calls
Discover how your nonverbal signals can make a difference in all your online interactions.
Create powerful connections, trust, and credibility.
Next training:
11th of June 2024, online.

Nonverbal Intelligence Training
A one-day course to help you excel in your body language while being able to decode the nonverbal
signals of others accurately.
Next training:
1st of June 2024, Chamonix, France.

Personal coaching
Our personal coaching is for ambitious professionals who want to discover the messages their body language is sending to others. An analysis of your body language is realized to create a personalized session which meets your needs and goals. Online or in person.

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Previous happy experiences

Ted was an amazing guest speaker, and is truly an expert in the field of body language and nonverbal communications. The success of the event was evident in the rave reviews she received after the event, as well as the level of engagement and questions that were asked during the event itself.

Lorraine K. Lee, Editorial Director at Prezi

About Nonverbal Communication

Beyond Expression goes beyond what you think you know about people and their interactions. We teach you all the essential people skills you never learnt in school. How to make a great first impression, speak with credibility and show warmth and competence in all your conversations. Online, as well as off-line. We absolutely love decoding behavior and are excited to share science-based knowledge and skills to make sure you will have meaningful, authentic and impactful interactions.
Every single day, every time you meet, in every interaction.

Decode yourself
Most people are nonverbally illiterate and have little idea about the effect their body language has on others. Science shows that our nonverbal signals make up an enormous part of your interaction.
Not being aware of it is like ignoring a huge communication potential!

Decode others
Your ability to read the nonverbal communication of others accurately is the foundation for building great relationships. It gives you the opportunity to tune into emotions and intentions you never saw before which helps you to build strong connections and get the results you want.
An essential skill in your personal and professional life!

We provide international science-based trainings, presentations and coaching to individuals and companies who are eager to unlock their full communication potential by aligning their verbal and nonverbal communication. This way, you can create a positive impact and reach your goals in presentations, negotiations, teaching and coaching. Our clients include lawyers, politicians, teachers, recruiters, managers and anyone who works with people and wants to make a difference!