About Ted Toussaint

Ted is a Behavioral Scientist and Body Language expert fascinated by human behavior. She holds a Masters Degree in Behavioral Analysis from the University of Nijmegen in the Netherlands and is a certified Body Language trainer.

During her international work as a researcher and lecturer she specialized in the field of nonverbal communication and rapport building. It intrigues her that the world is becoming more and more sophisticated, while much of our nonverbal behavior can still be explained from an evolutionary perspective.

By combining her knowledge of psychology, neurology and nonverbal communication, she creates inspiring and engaging training and coaching sessions which build people’s confidence in their nonverbal presence, leadership and charisma.

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About Beyond Expression

We live to contribute to a world in which people have meaningful, authentic and impactful interactions and are able to show the very best of themselves.

We believe that every person is capable of aligning their nonverbal signals with their authentic self and verbal message, so all of their communication is exactly as they intend it to be.

We realize the above by helping people to understand the nonverbal signals that surround them, giving them opportunity to finetune their own signals and tune into the signals of others.

We approach learning by transforming scientific knowledge into interactive, challenging and effective training sessions that give people skills which are immediately applicable in their professional and social life.  

We love working with people who are eager to learn, open for self-improvement and excited to discover a whole new world of communication that will increase their success in all aspects of their life.

About Nonverbal communication

Every single person has a unique nonverbal brand; all your nonverbal expressions that tell people exactly what to think of you. You portray this brand in person, on the phone, and even in your online profile. And people listen. With their ears and eyes. From the very first impression onwards. Your nonverbal signals make up an enormous part of your interaction. Not being aware of it is like ignoring a huge communication potential!

Understand your body language
Your hand gestures, body posture, and facial expressions are far more important than you might think. Before you speak a single word, others have determined how credible, confident and trustworthy you are. And when your words and body language don’t match, people believe what they see, not what they hear. 

Decode emotions
Your ability to read the nonverbal communication of yourself and others accurately is the foundation for building great relationships. This way you can tune into the emotions you feel and see and really connect to others. An essential skill in your personal and professional life.

We are here to guide you through the intriguing world of nonverbal communication so you can use this knowledge to your full advantage!