A Masterclass for Prezi

Recently, I worked together with the Prezi team to collaborate on a fantastic presentation regarding online body language. It was great to work with them and to engage with all their employees. Lorraine moderated the session in a very professional and engaging manner. Below are her lovely words after the presentation. Thanks Lorraine!

Beyond Expression body language training Prezi

I had the pleasure of organizing (and moderating) a masterclass with Ted for Prezi employees. Ted was an amazing guest speaker, and is truly an expert in the field of body language and nonverbal communications. The success of the event was evident in the rave reviews she received after the event, as well as the level of engagement and questions that were asked during the event itself. As one attendee aptly put it: 

“This talk should be mandatory viewing for anyone who ever presents through Zoom. (Ie: All of us!)”

Beyond the presentation itself, it was easy to coordinate with Ted over email and video and to exchange ideas with each other for how to make the presentation as engaging as possible for attendees. She was a joy to work with, and we already want to bring her back for an external-facing webinar for our audience.’
Lorraine K. Lee