Body language & fundraising

Recently Zoe Strong and I conducted a masterclass which provided fundraisers with tools to fundraise during a crisis. We shared knowledge and skills about using the best strategies in the planning, execution and follow up phase for effective fundraising meetings. A key element of these meetings is using the right body language to create strong online connections and support a fundraisers credibility. What a great audience! Thank you for your attention!

“I thoroughly enjoyed the webinar and in particular the piece on non-verbal communications and body language during a zoom call. I found this fascinating and super useful. The discussions and content was very good”.

beyond expression body language training, nonverbal communication

“Dear Ted and Zoe, Just a quick email to say thank you so much for the very useful session this morning. I am used to Trusts & Foundations research but not so much to Corporate research, so the Planning session at the beginning has been extremely useful for me. Regarding the body language, I am now aware that I have being doing lots of things wrong in past meetings, but I am relieved that with all the information from Ted I can really improve my communications skills from now on”.