Body Language Services

In-company training

We specialize in delivering international, science-based training sessions, dynamic presentations, and personalized coaching to professionals keen on unlocking their full communication potential. Each session we offer is meticulously customized for your company, ensuring that the vital aspects of nonverbal communication are comprehensively and effectively addressed for your team.

Open training courses

Embark on a transformative journey to amplify your presence, boost your confidence, and enhance your credibility. Gain insights into your nonverbal cues while mastering the skill of interpreting the body language of others. Elevate your nonverbal intelligence and experience a profound shift in how you perceive and interact with people!

2 hour Online masterclasses

Our masterclasses are expertly crafted to provide curious professionals with a rapid enhancement in their nonverbal skills. These sessions delve into specific topics such as creating impactful first impressions, mastering body language in video calls, or understanding subtle micro-expressions in the face.

Personal Coaching

For those with ambitious goals, our personal coaching offers an in-depth exploration of the messages your body language conveys. We provide a thorough analysis of your nonverbal cues to design a personalized coaching experience that aligns with your unique objectives and aspirations