A Body language training in nature with Endress and Hauser

In the middle of the heat wave, the top managers of Endress and Hauser came to Chamonix for a week to address leadership development topics. I had the privilege to work as an executive coach and a nonverbal communication expert within this amazing program.

Leadership presence, your nonverbal appearance is a blending of personal and interpersonal skills that when combined, send all the right signals, and make you STAND OUT as a leader (Goman, 2022).

You show it when you walk into a room, when you show up at a meeting, when you present, and when you listen. It affects how you make others feel, and how effectively you communicate with the people around you.

Leadership presence is not:

1. An attribute that is automatically assigned to you because of your title or business results.

2. It is not necessarily reflective of your true leadership qualities or potential. For example, you may be highly credible but that doesn’t necessarily guarantee that people perceive you as such. Especially if you have communication habits that make you seem less credible than you are.

Instead, Presence depends entirely on how other people evaluate you. It’s what they say about you after you’ve left the room. Knowing how to influence people’s perception of you requires a deep understanding of the impact of your appearance, your body language, your emotional state, and your communication style.

The leaders of Endress and Hauser got an insight in their leadership presence. It was an honour to work with such inspiring people!