Body Language Services

Research shows that nonverbal signals make up an immense part of our communication.
The fact is that most people are nonverbally illiterate and have little idea about the effect their body language has on others. Besides this, they are unaware of the clear signals that others send to them in negotiations, teaching, coaching, presentations or meetings. Being able to finetune your own signals while understanding the signals of others will have a tremendous impact on all your interactions.

Incompany training

We provide international science-based training sessions, presentations and coaching to professionals who are eager to unlock their full communication potential. All our sessions are tailored to your company to ensure that the important nonverbal communication for your professionals is comprehensively addressed.

In-person Training

Take an important step to enhance your presence,
confidence and credibility by becoming aware of your own nonverbal signals while you also learn to read the body language of others.
Boost your nonverbal intelligence and never look the same at people again!

Online Training

Join us from your home for a series of live online training sessions to help you decode the nonverbal signals that surround you
every single day.
These interactive sessions will give you practical tools and effective exercises ready to implement in your daily life.

Online masterclasses

Beyond Expression, Body Language training, nonverbal communication

Our masterclasses are specifically designed to give curious professionals a quick boost in their nonverbal presence. They focus on a single topics like first impressions, body language on video calls or reading micro-expressions in the face.

Personal Coaching

Our personal coaching is for ambitious clients who want to discover the messages their body language is sending to others. An in depth analysis of your body language is realized to create a personalized session which meets your needs and goals.