Companies and Organizations

People who show confident body language and can decode the nonverbal signals of others are more successful in all aspects of their lives.
For professionals working with people, it is the key to success that hardly anyone talks about.

Beyond Expression offers science-based in-company training sessions, keynotes and training packages in the French Alpes to help your organisation’s professionals stand out in every interaction.

In-company training

Beyond Expression transforms scientific knowledge from neurology and psychology into interactive, challenging and effective training sessions. Your team gains insight into the nonverbal signals of themselves and others which immensely enhances the impact of their interactions. It creates more connection, collaboration and credibility. Our clients include lawyers, politicians, teachers, recruiters, managers and anyone who works with people and wants to make a difference!

Ted’s TED talk

Inspire your team, network or visitors with a dynamic presentation about nonverbal communication. Striking and engaging examples, best suited to your audience, will illustrate how professionals within your organization can fine-tune their nonverbal communication and increase their impact. Be aware: you will never look the same at people again!

Nonverbal Leadership in Nature

Do others see you the way you want to be seen? A powerful training for companies to change the communication potential of their professionals. This 5-day journey helps you discover how to present the best of yourself while staying true to your authenticity. A science-based nonverbal communication training in the beautiful surroundings of the French Alpes.

“Ted is an absolute standout within our Science of People training team. Her energy is infectious and her desire to create a positive impact on her environment and community is inspiring. I’m honored to work with her and highly recommend her coaching and training services to any individual or organization.”
Vanessa van Edwards, Behavioral investigator at Science of People and Best selling Author of ‘Captivate’ and ‘Cues’.