Open Training Courses

When your body language is congruent with your words, you radiate authentic confidence and you can change the way others see you. It increases your Emotional IQ and helps you to enhance your people skills. In our courses for professionals, we integrate knowledge about neurology and (evolutionary) psychology to help you discover your nonverbal potential and decode the signals of others correctly.

Apart from a Nonverbal Intelligence course, which covers the important basics of nonverbal behaviour, we offer advanced expert training.
If you prefer shorter training sessions, have a look at our engaging short masterclasses!

Nonverbal Intelligence

A top-of-the-range course to help you excel in your body language while being able to accurately decode the nonverbal signals of others. We will go beyond the verbal and teach you how to decode nonverbal messages, from head to toe. 

Nonverbal Expertise

This expert training is for professionals who want to go beyond the basics and dive into more complex topics such as vocal power, lie detection, micro-expressions in the face and an in-depth analysis of human behaviour.