Incompany Training

Go Beyond the verbal, master the nonverbal

The appropriate nonverbal signals at your first business meeting ensure that your counterpart immediately sees you as a warm and competent individual. Students learn more when teachers use certain hand gestures. Leaders who can read and tune into facial expressions are seen as more empathetic and approachable. And the tone of a surgeon’s voice predicts how likely it is that he will be sued for malpractice.

All human beings can discover their nonverbal power and apply it in professional contexts
such as job interviews, presentations, leadership positions, coaching or negotiations.

In our tailored Incompany training sessions, we ensure that the significant nonverbal communication for your organization is comprehensively addressed.
Your team will become aware of the body language signals they send out and will be able to tune into the nonverbal signals they see in others.
The training sessions are flexible in duration and can be delivered online and face-to-face.
It is also possible to request personal coaching sessions with individuals in your company.

Beyond Expression, Body Language training, nonverbal communication

Ideas for topics:

  • Nonverbal presence for effective leadership
  • Online interactions: how to radiate warmth and competence in virtual meetings
  • Effective body language while presenting
  • Nonverbal power for business encounters: how to capture attention, build trust and be engaging.
  • Reading micro expressions in the face
  • Decoding non-verbal signals of others
  • A killer first impression
  • … And more essential skills you never learnt in school!

Within a few hours you will be provided with effective tools to enormously increase your capacity to manage your nonverbal behavior. I use this daily with all my clients and am astounded by the positive impact it has on my relationships with them. I would greatly recommend this for everyone!
Harrie Buijssen, Director of Centaurus career advice.