International Prezi Webinar

It was amazing to share my knowledge and experience in this Prezi event! People from all over the world attended which was nerve wrecking and exciting at the same time! Why did Prezi ask me to participate in their webinar series?

Well, an incredible amount of studies shows that hybrid working is here to stay. The question is not: am I going to embrace this way of working, but: which changes do I need to make to optimise my online presence and guarantee the impact of my message? One of these changes is attention to your nonverbal cues as they come less natural to us in online interactions than in face to face conversations. 

In this event we looked at the different nonverbal signals that create a strong presence in all your virtual meetings.

Thank you Naba Ahmed for the invitation and all your help. Thank you Prezi for your great product!

Some reactions of the people who were there…

Dear Ms. Toussaint, I participated to your webinar about online presentations last week. I learnt so many different things. I’d like to thank you very much for this valuable webinar one more time. Have a great day.
Best regards, S. Gök

Attended your presentation last week and found it refreshingly useful, pragmatic and helpful at a time when so much info seems to be getting thrown at folks. Thank you so very much.
D. Adelberg

Dear Ted, I just watched your prezi-clip about the power of non-verbal communication and loved it!
A. Momber