Happy Hormones!

 The managing directors of Pharma Partners had some burning questions: how do I enhance the engagement of my interaction partners during virtual meetings? How do I keep them emotionally involved and have fun together?

The answer: Happy Hormones!
You need to use enough and the right verbal AND nonverbal signals that trigger the release of neurotransmitters that create a sense of pleasure (dopamine), connection (oxytocin) and appreciation (serotonin). When people connect to you and understand you, they like to be with you and pay attention to you.

In two sessions we covered and practiced essential body language signals to release these hormones from the moment the camera is turned on to the very end of a virtual meeting.

It was very exiting and fun to work with all these inspiring people. Their engagement and enthusiasm was contagious. The photo shows how much these sessions improved their online presence.

Wishing them all the best while practising these important professional interaction skills. 

A big thanks to United Talent for organising these sessions and to Prezi for letting me use their great products!