Rapport building

An online training to be able to connect to anyone in your own authentic way

Do you find it hard to meet new people on network events? To talk to someone you have just met? To keep others engaged and have interesting conversations? You might think that some people are born with the gift to just talk to anyone…

They might be, but so are you.

Connecting with other people follows rules. Verbal and nonverbal rules. Understanding these science based rules will give you confidence and presence to show the best of yourself in every new conversation while staying true to yourself.

This training is for curious professionals who want to know how people connect with each other. It will give you tools that you can use in any conversation to capture attention, build trust and be engaging.

You will learn

  • How the brain works and what it looks for when meeting someone new;
  • How to verbally prime your performance before meeting someone;
  • Which nonverbal signals you can use to show others you want to connect to them;
  • Which verbal and nonverbal signals strengthen your connection during a conversation.

After this training

  • You will be able to build trust by displaying the nonverbal and verbal signals that reinforce connection;
  • You have the skills to build rapport with others in a way that matches your authentic self;
  • You are able to determine if others are connecting with you;
  • You can consciously finetune your non-verbal and verbal signals to achieve optimal results in an interaction.

Two live online sessions of two hours. On request.
Online, via Zoom
On request.
159,- Euro, Excl. of VAT,
– Access to two live online training sessions
– Training materials;
– Overview of the most common nonverbal signals which help you to analyse behavior after the training;
– Access to the Beyond Expression Community where you can ask questions and get access to interesting body language information;
– A personal feedback moment one month after the training to discuss any personal questions and rapport building challenges you have encountered after the training.

“Thank you for sharing your inspiration and passion in great training sessions! It was a very interactive and varied and gave me a lot of food for thoughts.”

Caroline Jacobs • Lecturer International Business • Fontys International Business School