OLD Nonverbal expertise

A two-day training into complex body language signals
This training is for ambitious professionals who want to deepen their knowledge of body language. The expert training is for everyone who wants to go beyond the basics and dive into more complex topics such as:

  • Vocal power: A confident voice is essential for an effective presence, especially on the phone or in presentations. Learn how to effectively use your words, tone, volume, pace, syntax and cadence;
  • Micro expressions: A person’s face tells you a lot about his emotions and intentions. Micro-expressions are brief, involuntary facial expressions made when we feel an intense emotion. Being able to recognize these emotions helps improve your connection with others;
  • Lie detection: Different clusters of signals can tell you if the other person is honest with you. Your colleague says he is fine, but in reality he is not. Become skilled in a reliable method to uncover possible untruths.
  • Behavioral influence: Coming from a good intention, we look into ways to nonverbally influence the behavior of others to be able to fully connect with them.

After this training

  • you are able to read and understand subtle micro-signals from others in order to respond adequately to their needs and to establish a genuine connection;
  • you will notice deception signals and are able to methodically determine which topic or situation makes the other person uncomfortable;
  • you are able to read emotions from the face of your conversation partner and know how to respond adequately;
  • you are able to consciously choose your non-verbal expressions and influence others in order to achieve optimal results in a conversation;
  • you are aware of your own vocal power and have the skills to fine-tune vocal aspects to radiate power and warmth with your voice.

1st and 2nd of November, 2023
Malden, at the magnificent location, Kiemkracht64, accessible with public transport
9:30 am – 4:30 pm
This training is for ambitious professionals who want to deepen their knowledge of body language. It is recommended to attent the ‘Nonverbal intelligence training‘ first, but if you like to challenge yourself, or have some experience in analysing body language, you can start with this training too.
695,- Euro, Excl. of VAT,
– Training materials;
– Lunch and drinks;
– Detailed overview of nonverbal signals which help you to analyse behavior after the training;
– Access to the Beyond Expression Community where you can ask questions and get access to interesting body language information;
– A personal feedback moment one month after the training to discuss any personal questions and nonverbal challenges you have encountered after the training.
At the end of this training you will receive a certificate of completion

When booking the Fundamental and Expert training at the same time, we naturally provide you with a discount.

Hi Ted, thank you so much for the fun and informative training session! It was of great benefit to me for how I present myself. Putting it into practice as we speak! Warm regards, until next time.”
Dorinda van Oosten, General Manager Total Specific Solutions