Online Training

When your body language is congruent with your words, you radiate authentic confidence and you can change the way others see you. It increases your Emotional IQ and helps you to enhance your people skills. In our online courses for professionals we integrate knowledge about neurology and (evolutionairy) psychology to help you discover your nonverbal potential and decode the signals of others correctly.

Decode Yourself

Do you know if your nonverbal signals underline or sabotage what you are saying? If your facial expressions are clear for others to read? And if the way you present yourself nonverbally engages others while you talk?
By becoming aware of the message your body is sending to others, you will be able to radiate confidence, charisma and interest in all your interactions. We will go beyond the verbal and teach you how to decode your own nonverbal messages, from head to toe. 

Decode others

Can you see when someone doesn’t like your idea? Feels discomfort or looses interest? This training focusses on decoding the nonverbal and verbal signals of others to determine how best to connect with them. You will learn how to read emotions, see needs and discomfort so you can tune into these feelings and create powerful connections in every conversation.

Rapport building

Do you find it hard to meet new people on network events? To talk to someone you have just met? To keep others engaged and have interesting conversations? In this training we focus on how to verbally and nonverbally connect to others from the second you meet them. Learn what makes people like you, how to best start conversations and which nonverbal signals you can use to keep the other person engaged.