Decode others

An online training to fully understand the nonverbal signals others send to you

Can you accurately spot emotions in others? Tune into their needs? Or see that others do not really mean what they say?

Our nonverbal behavior is very honest and hard to fake. When you know what to look for, the signals of others become very obvious and clear. Learning how to tune into these signals creates more connection and makes you an empathetic and engaging conversation partner.

This training is for curious professionals who want to be able to accurately interpret the nonverbal signals that surround them every day. In negotiations, coaching sessions, meetings and presentations. Decoding these signals gives you a huge advantage in every conversation and greatly strengthens your connection with others.

You will learn:

  • Why our body sends out certain nonverbal signals in different contexts
  • The different types of discomfort signals and how they are connected to our evolution
  • How to recognize facial expressions and how to react to them
  • How to spot vocal abnormalities that might indicate discomfort
  • How to use an accurate method to decode nonverbal discomfort and discover untruths in others
  • The meaning of many nonverbal signals to be able to interpret them accurately.

After this training

  • You are able to read and understand nonverbal signals that surround you every day
  • You have the skills to decode discomfort in others via a reliable method
  • You are able to send signals to others to increase their comfort to strengthen your connection.


Two live online sessions of two hours. On request.
Online, via Zoom
On request.
English, Dutch on request
159,- Euro, Excl. of VAT,
– Access to two live online training sessions;
– Training materials;
– Overview of the most common nonverbal signals which help you to analyse behavior after the training;
– Access to the Beyond Expression Community where you can ask questions and get access to interesting body language information;
– A personal feedback moment one month after the training to discuss any personal questions and nonverbal challenges you have encountered after the training.

The training of Beyond Expression was incredibly useful to me. We had a lot of fun together during the exercises which combined theory and practice. Ted can explain in a calm but enthusiastic way and uses practical examples that you can link to your own experiences. I now know how to best present myself and how my posture and body language affect others. In addition, I am aware of how I can use my body language positively to help others feel good ”

Judith Brouwers | Master Leisure Studies