Executive presence on video calls

Executive presence on video calls

Recently, I was a guest at the Soulcast Media LinkedIn – LIVE event where I chatted with Jessica Chen, about virtual presence on video calls. What do you do to elevate your presence in a small screen? Which body language signals make you trustworthy, credible and likable from the moment the camera is turned on? What do you do with your hands, your head and body?

Your nonverbal signals are extremely important as they show your intentions and emotions. And if they are not congruent with your words, our brain gets confused and believes what it sees. Not what it hears! Do you know what signals you send out in your online interactions?

The hour flew by with great questions from an enthusiastic audience that joined from all over the world! Have a look here at the interview or read the summary. Thank you Jessica for the inspiration. It was so nice to share this with you!

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